Bratislava Studio Orchestra - Prague Studio orchestra

Symphonica Recording offers complete recording services utilizing studio spaces in Bratislava and Prague. Since 2005 we have provided music masters for film, TV, games and classical music for an international roster of clientele. Our team of orchestrators, music preparation staff, recording and mixing engineers, and session conductor have a wealth of credits and experiences delivering cost effective world class musical recordings without musical compromise.

Symphonica Recording provides a full ‘a la carte’ music service. With our international team we offer around the clock orchestration and score preparation services and access to incredible recording spaces in Bratislava and Prague. Our musicians are hand picked from the finest orchestras in both cities. These players are trained in classical music tradition of this region, but are equally skilled as commercial session players.

With multiple recording spaces on offer, each has facility for ‘remote recording sessions’, with live audio and video feeds streamed to your location anywhere in the world. We also offer the option of mixing and mastering music using our incredible array of outboard analogue audio equipment, delivering pristine music masters to industry standard specifications.

Explore our webpage for an overview of our process, facilities and equipment. For further details or any questions email us via the contact page.