Musician Contracting - We contract musicians under a buyout agreement from the finest orchestras in Bratislava and Prague. These include members of Czech Radio Symphony Orchestra, Prague Philharmonia, Bratislava Slovak Philharmonia, Slovak Radio Symphony Orchestra and the Czech Philharmony Choir. Embracing the sound and classical music tradition of this part of the world, these classically trained musicians regularly perform works from the classical repertoire, however they are equally skilled as commercial session players, with countless hours of recording time for film, TV, games and albums world wide.

Orchestration and Score Preparation - Our team of highly skilled international orchestrators excel in the high-pressure environment of todays scoring sessions, always delivering the best possible orchestrations of any length and for any ensemble size. They are skilled in the process of MIDI file, sequencer session and audio transcription, taking your original music, translating and orchestrating it to the full score, proof reading and preparing flawless parts ready for a smooth running live recording session.

Recording - Our recording engineers use world class preamps including Aurora Audio, D.A.V. electronics, Grace Design and Millennia, with a combination of Neumann, Shoeps, DPA, Royer, Telefunken microphones into Protools. As soon as we receive your Protools tempo-maps on our servers, we prepare our recording session files (click track, playbacks and punches and streamers as needed) and shortly after the session is finished, these files are ready for you to download.

Mixing - We also offer the option of mixing your recording in our studios using state of the art analog-digital hardware from Bricasti, TC electronics, Lexicon, API, Manley, Dangerous Music, A-Design.