our team

Vladimir Martinka - Manager, Conductor, Orchestrator

screen_shot_2015-07-21_at_15.55.50.png As founder and general manager of Symphonica Recording, Vladimir is active in all aspects of music recording and production. He is in constant demand to contract, record, produce, orchestrate and conduct scoring sessions for an international client base.

Martin Roller - Senior Sound Engineer

screen_shot_2015-07-21_at_15.55.50.png Martin has been the lead recording engineer at the Slovak Radio for the past 25 years. His award winning recordings and mix’s range from chamber, choral, jazz, orchestral music and album sessions used in countless Hollywood and European film productions.

Peter Bateman - Orchestrator / US representative

screen_shot_2015-07-21_at_15.55.50.png Peter is a Hollywood based orchestrator, who has worked for many of the industry’s most acclaimed composers, including Danny Elfman, James Newton Howard, Christopher Young, just to name a few.

Mark Buys - Orchestrator / Australian representative

screen_shot_2015-07-21_at_15.55.50.png Mark has been a professional orchestrator since 2005, including 3 years working in Hollywood. He also has orchestration credits for film, television and musicals for Australasian, European and American productions.

Chi-Hui Liang - Orchestrator / China representative

screen_shot_2015-07-21_at_15.55.50.png Christina, aka Chi-Hui Liang is an award winning composer, orchestrator, album and concert producer from Taiwan, working for Taiwanese, Chinese and American production companies and artists.